Office of the District Attorney, District 12 | Court Ordered Payments to District Attorney Matt Ballard’s Office Up 37%
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Court Ordered Payments to District Attorney Matt Ballard’s Office Up 37%

23 Feb Court Ordered Payments to District Attorney Matt Ballard’s Office Up 37%

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Just days after the announcement of a brief grace period for people to get caught up on their obligations to the District Attorney’s office payments in District 12; Craig, Mayes and Rogers Counties, are up more than $11,000 over the same ten day time period in 2015.  That’s a 37% increase.

The grace period for people with warrants for refusing to complete supervision requirements ends February 26, 2016.  The grace period for people with bogus check warrants ends March 1, 2016.

To facilitate people who need to take advantage of this grace period DA Ballard provides alphabetical lists online as well as in newspapers across the district.

District Attorney Matt Ballard, District 12, announces a grace period for hundreds of people who have warrants issued for their arrests and may be taken into custody at any time due to unpaid court fines and fees.   Making payments just became much easier as Ballard’s offices of Supervision and Bogus Checks in Craig, Mayes and Rogers Counties can now take credit and debit card payments.

Ballard explains  “Cardholders can pay their court ordered obligations online anytime, day or night, without having to carry large sums of cash or wait in line.  GovPayNet will increase our efficiency in receiving payments at no cost to my office.”

The person making the payment is charged a small service fee at the time of the transaction.

The launch of an easier way to make payments coincides with Ballard’s announcement of a brief grace period now through February 26, 2016 for people to come into his Office of Supervision in the County Courthouse and get up-to-date on legal responsibilities to avoid arrest and additional costs.

Payment through GovPayNet can be made on the DA’s website:
In the county offices of DA Supervision
Or by calling 1-888-604-7888

Also posted in the newsroom section of are the lists, by county, of people with warrants as well as those with warrant action pending for past due, court ordered, obligations.
Anyone with information about where the people wanted on warrants are please contact the appropriate DA’s office:
Craig:    (918) 256-3320
Mayes:  (918) 825-2171
Rogers:  (918) 923-4593

Warrants are not on hold during the grace period.  All warrants remain active and individuals are subject to arrest until the warrant is withdrawn by the court.  Upon satisfaction of all legal obligations the DA’s office will apply to have the warrant recalled.

The office recently published the names of people who have written bogus checks and need to fulfill those obligations to avoid arrest, additional fines and fees.

In addition Rogers County Court Clerk Kim Henry says  “From February 7, 2016 thru February 26, 2016 any defendant in a criminal or traffic case that has an active Fail to Pay Warrant that has been sent to Aberdeen Enterprizes for collections may come to the Clerk’s office and pay a $100 fee to have the warrant lifted.  Once the fee is paid the defendant will be ordered to setup a new payment plan with Aberdeen within 48 hours.  This includes all defendants with pending warrants through the Clerk’s office not just the individuals under District Attorney Supervision with outstanding warrants.”
Rogers County Court Clerk’s Office:  (918) 923-4961



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