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Supervision & Bogus Checks

Prosecutorial District 12 Offices of Supervision and Bogus Checks:

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(918) 256-3320
Craig County Courthouse, 2nd Floor
210 W Delaware Ave
Vinita, OK  74301

DA Supervision
Community Supervision Program
DA Drug Enforcement
991 Fee


(918) 825-2171
Mayes County Courthouse, Suite 250
1 Court Place
Pryor Creek, OK  74361

DA Supervision
Community Supervision Program
DA Drug Enforcement
991 Fee


Bogus Check:  (918) 923-4532
DA Supervision: (918) 923-4593
Office Hours:  8:30a-noon & 1p-4:30pm Monday-Friday, closed holidays
Rogers County Courthouse, 2nd Floor
200 S. Lynn Riggs Blvd.
Claremore, OK  74017

DA Supervision
Community Supervision Program
DA Drug Fund
991 Fee
Bogus Check
Restitution & Diversion


To make payments by phone, cardholders can call:  1-888-604-7888


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Reporting Bogus/Insufficient Checks

District Attorney Matt Ballard, Prosecutorial District 12, instituted the Bogus check restitution program  to help individuals and businesses decrease losses from checks returned by the bank unpaid.

There is no charge to the merchant or resident who receives a bogus check.  There is a charge to the check writer.

A bogus or “hot” check is one passed for merchandise, cash or services rendered which the bank does not honor due to insufficient bunds, account closed or no account found.

By law the check writer has five working days to make good on the check.  To proceed with criminal recourse through the DA’s program a bogus check complaint form must be filled out and submitted.  You may print the form:  Bogus check Merchant Complaint form
Or call the District Attorney’s Bogus Check Division, directly, to begin the process:  (918) 923-4593

Along with the complaint form the original check, or an official bank copy of the check, must also be submitted.  First make a copy of the form and the check for your records.



Checks taken at the time of the exchange of cash, merchandise or services and are subsequently returned by the bank marked:
* Insufficient Funds
* Account Closed
* No Account



* Checks returned for:
* Refer to maker
* Uncollected funds
* Stop payment
* Signature irregular
* Reported lost or stolen
* Checks written as payment on open accounts
* Post-dated checks
* Checks you have agreed to hold
* Any check for which credit has been extended
* Two party checks
* Counterfeit checks



* Always Ask For Identification
A driver’s license is a good form of identification.  Make sure the name on the driver’s license and the name on the check are the same and the picture on the driver’s license is the same person giving you the check.
* Initial the Check
Make it policy in your business to be certain whoever takes the check adds their initials on the front so you know who accepted the check.
*  List Information on the Back
The information which should be recorded:
Driver’s license number
Expiration date of the license
Date of birth
Height and hair color
Place of employment

These steps take a little extra time but it will help us make collections or prosecution more successful.

Also keep in mind checks with low numbers are new checking accounts.  Statistically the majority of bad checks have numbers ranging from 103 to 300.  You do not have to take a check in exchange for merchandise or services.  Remember you have the right to refuse a check.  If you are suspicious of a check you can call the bank where the check is drawn to find out whether there are sufficient funds.